Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Weekend

James, Ashley and I went up to new york this weekend to visit friends, and did a lot of fooding and roaming around the city. I got to hit up a lot of great restaurants (like Jadis with Dianne, Carly, and Travis), drink amazing coffee every morning (mmmm Gorilla Coffeeee), and checked out Greenwich Letterpress. So fun. Here are a few little photographic tidbits from our adventures.

[Kezia, Ashley and I ate multiple meals at Pinche Taquiera. Sooo delicious.]

[Ashley's "where are my tacos?" face]

[Later Saturday I finally got a chance to walk on the highline. It was awesome but I really wish the snow wasn't covering everything...Must go back in the summer.]

[The smizing of Ashley and Ginny]

[oh, joseph]

[Kezia on the line]

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