Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I think perhaps I should tell you about my weekend

We had yet another massive snow storm here in Charlottesville. I'm starting to wonder if this whole town was magically transported about 20 degrees north and someone just forgot to tell me. I guess I would have just liked enough warning so i could order some clothing from 66 degrees north or something.

But here, without my desired winter gear, I passed the time with my good friends Rachel, Harrison, and Ashley (definitely a good group to get snowed in with) and did my best to trudge through the snow to and from the downtown mall. Overall, this is what my weekend looked like:

[High St., closed near our street]

[My car is under there somewhere]

[Rachel convinced me (and Harrison) to go build a snow woman friday night. I wish i had pictures as she turned out quite nicely]

[The view from my front porch]

[Scotchie had to investigate once the snow and trees started to encroach upon the back door]

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