Monday, October 5, 2009

A few of my favorite things - "the blues"

So I think it's time I introduced you to a few things around my house, including my fabulous roommate, scotch aka scotchie, the sweetest snuggliest cat even. Many, many more photos to come, but at the moment I'm dealing with a an SD card in my camera that is busted and only holds ten photos. LAME (both the SD card and the fact that I am too lazy to go to best buy and get a new one).
[getting up close and personal while lounging on the couch]

I think I may try to display a few favorite items around my house once a week from now on, and today we're starting with the blues. My time spent at O'Suz has forced me to color code my own apartment. It's a little out of control.
[vintage turquoise elephant planter, found courtesy of jessica]

[Faux wedgewood metal tin box, full of trinkets and found at a church rummage sale many many years ago]


  1. my great-grandmother, irene, would have loved the elephant planter! she collected elephants (little ones, anyway)...actually, she did volunteer at the elephant exhibit at the Knoxville zoo. But I think she mostly liked them because of the G.O.P. What a find! Keep going with the turquoise, mint green-i-ness!!

  2. i have a super sweet orange cat too! i will never get bored if you post photo after photo if your little kitty!