Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Edward Scissorhands

I definitely am a huge Tim Burton fan, and last night The Paramount was screening Edward Scissorhands for its Monday Night Movie Series. From the brightly colored suburban neighborhoods to Winona Ryder's ridiculous outfits, this movie is, of course, phenomenal.
[from imdb]


  1. aw man, that movie in that theater: definition of lavish. I miss charlottesville (and the people there). You and ashley need to come and visit me!

  2. i'm sorry...but.
    well i just don't see what the big deal about winona ryder is.
    she's ugly!!!!
    how come SHE gets to hug Edward!?!?! ((err...johnny...)) SHES UGLY AND HAS 2 FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND CAN'T ACT! She always looks stupid, or really pissed off...
    grr....no fair...