Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Now that I am a townie, and you all I figured that perhaps I could find a way to keep in touch with you more directly. I won't promise coherent posts, and often they prob won't even have to do with events or activities that are actually going on in my life, but I'll take it as a way of keeping close to you all.

I'm not a very good blogger. So I apologize ahead of time.

I will try to post something more substantial when I'm not at work, when I can write something that is not just whatever comes out between webproofing sections.

You all know my belle and sebastian obsession. I have always enjoyed them because the lyrics always are very much telling a story, creating characters and plot lines. I wish I was a better writer.

But the name of this blog, and my old livejournal, comes from this particular belle and sebastian song that I always find a very strong connection to:

I was surprised, I was happy for a day in 1975
I was puzzled by a dream, stayed with me all day in 1995
My brother had confessed that he was gay
It took the heat off me for a while
He stood up with a sailor friend
Made it known upon my sisters wedding day

I got married in a rush to save a kid from being deported
Now shes in love
I was so touched, I was moved to kick the crutches
From my crippled friend
She was not impressed that I cured her on the sabbath
So I went to confess
When she saw the funny side, we introduced my child bride
To whiskey and gin

The priest in the booth had a photographic memory
For all he had heard
He took all of my sins and he wrote a pocket novel called
The state I am in
So I gave myself to god
There was a pregnant pause before he said ok
Now I spend my day turning tables round in marks & spencers
They don't seem to mind

I gave myself to sin
I gave myself to providence
And I've been there and back again
The state that I am in

Oh love of mine, would you condescend to help me
Cause I'm stupid and blind
Desperation is the devils work, it is the folly of a boys empty mind
Now I'm feeling dangerous, riding on city buses for a hobby is sad
Lead me to a living end
I promised that I'd entertain my crippled friend
My crippled friend

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  1. I just wanted to say, that I always thought this referred to the fact that Rory Gilmore always carried a book to read in her purse and/or pocket. But I like the [now double] explanation!