Thursday, February 16, 2012

Her life was in a hurricane of love and real embrace

[image from Neutral Milk Hotel]

It's hard for me to sum up what's been going on for the last year. I have been very focused on a job that was pretty stressful, but I recently accepted a position at a new company, so I'm hopeful this means that I will get back to "normal" sometime in the near future.

That being said, here's a summary of what's happened in the last 11 months:
 - My super good friend Jessica finished up her PhD program and we are now roommates in an awesome apartment with our pets who attempt to coexist.
 - My parents moved 10 hours away to Huntsville, AL, but I have managed to see them pretty frequently (though unfortunately one visit was due to my dad's heart surgery).
 -  I traveled to LA for a week last May to visit my brother and his family, and to celebrate my nephew's second birthday. We also went to Disneyland twice in one week and it was AWESOME.
 - Harrison and I went on a little road trip to NYC to visit our friend Carly; Ginny, Taylor, James and I got together for a great A-schoolers reunion in Philadelphia, and I spent a lot of time traveling for work.
 - Jessica accompanied me and my extended family on a crazy Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. Thankfully, our friendship survived the trip and sharing a small room for a week.
 - I worked with my good friend Brian to create branding and design a website for a local real estate company Charlottesville Town & Country Homes.
 - My favorite shop, O'Suzannah, expanded their shop and now has a whole new space dedicated to kids and baby.
 - My friend Rachel bought her first house! And has definitely inspired me to start saving for a future home of my own.

Now that we're all caught up, let's see what happens in the coming months!

- Jen

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  1. Huge year! I hadn't seen the website; it looks good!