Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Gifts Holiday Shop!

Dear friends, as usual I am terrible at posting in a timely fashion, especially lately as work picks up and so does the holiday frenzy. But oddly enough this post has to do with both work, and holiday shopping.

Sarah Carr, The Bridge, and many other tireless volunteers and organizers have pulled together an awesome month long shop (!) that will be open every day in December at The Bridge PAI, beginning this Friday, December 3rd. It will feature the work of about 40 different vendors, myself included, and I encourage everyone to go check it out. I can't wait to see all the awesome goodies up for sale!

Between prepping for this gift show, visiting the family in North Carolina, and my regular job, I have been a little distracted, but in a good way! Being busy usually means I'm surrounded by friends and social activities, and this week will be no different. A much needed ladies' knitting night tomorrow, followed by an impromptu business trip to NYC early next week (and I'll be going up a day early to visit Miss Romeo, among others). I am not ready for the new york cold, but sitting in my barely heated apartment for the next few days should be training enough. In serious need of a space heater over here, people.

Until next week when I will hopefully have new york photos to post...xoxo.

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