Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend Adventure

So last weekend, as i mentioned before, my friends and I headed out of town to avoid the UVA graduation crowds (though we ended up having breakfast and dinner in charlottesville so I don't know if we really avoided anything). So after much consideration, we went to Staunton. I hadn't been there before, and we all wanted to go to Blackfriar's, which is the playhouse for the American Shakespeare Center, so we went for an afternoon performance of Romeo & Juliet. (This would incidentally lead me to purchasing Romeo+Juliet yesterday for dirt cheap at target)

The play was awesome and I definitely recommend going to see something at Blackfriar's if you haven't before. But before and after the show, we just wondered around downtown Staunton, which was a little quiet since it was Sunday. But overall it was a great time, as you can see.

Ashley and James, hanging out on Main

We were seriously jealous of the awesome sidecar

We went to the split banana ice cream shop, where Ashley and I nibbled on some sorbet and James enjoyed a banana split

We walked around Mary Baldwin and Ashley proceeded to make funny faces

And then we headed back to c-ville, but not before stopping at one of the scenic overlooks. Virginia you really are lovely.

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  1. so, it looks like there's a photo missing of you and a certain fisherman?