Monday, May 17, 2010

Lately I just look at cats on the internet

I'm completely in love with the dreamcats tumblr started by anabela and erin. It's motivating me to take more photos of the scotchinator. But for now she and I are just going to snuggle. Too bad neither she nor I are this photogenic when we're out for the night.

[submitted by alice n.]


  1. love love love. i could look at pictures of kittens all day long. ♡

  2. i want that pillowcase! know any good bedlinens blogs?

    (p.s. hi jen! nora here. i thought i'd comment on your blog instead of just creeping... :))

  3. Hi nora! sorry for my delayed response! Asfar as bedlinens I don't know of any specific blogs, but if you aren't on gilt, you should check it out, they have good sales on home goods.