Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting a New Project

So, I'm dogsitting for the next few weeks, for one of my closest friends while she's off in italy teaching, and I love the feeling of taking on a new life when you are staying in someone else's home. This has prompted me to start a new little project. So far it doesn't have very many rules or guidelines, a name, or even really a purpose, I'm just doing it. So I'm planning to leave my computer behind each evening, and spend my time dogsitting without the distraction of the internet. I'm planning on cooking every night, rather than eating out, or eating prepared or frozens meals. And I plan to just spend a lot more time alone, with the company of animals as my exception, reading books, watching tv, listening to music, doing a lot of nothing. This may not last, and I may give in and bring my computer, but right now i feel like it's the perfect detox i need.

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