Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New England Weekend

So I just got back from of bit of a whirlwind adventure up to New England with Gin, James and Taylor. Picking up Ginny in New Haven, sailing in Newport, walking around Boston with our friend Nick, and then to Brooklyn for a quick hello to Joe before coming back to Charlottesville. We all live in different states pretty much, so this vacation was a rarity.
[Newport, RI. All three photos by Ginny Harr]
[James about to get his butt kicked by me at the arcade, Newport, RI]

A wonderful and beautiful four days with a non-stop repeat of Michael Jackson and Vampire Weekend during the 20-ish hours of driving. The actions of this weekend I think are pretty well summed up in this video:

But James was addicted to this, so we really just listened to this over and over again:

*Ginny just informed me that Vampire Weekend was voted "whitest band" on Stuff White People Like. I felt like I should share that with all of you as a summation of the kind of weekend we had.*

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  1. That looks totally lovely. I miss the east coast!